Nick Taylor

Investment Adviser Representative

“Find someone who is able to make and explain a holistic plan for you.”

Even at a young age, the awareness of financial struggle was part of Nick’s life. He and his mother experienced a difficult period of financial instability and Nick says that even when he was in elementary school he could feel the family stress. It’s something that stuck with him and led to his desire to take action and do everything he could to help others avoid that kind of financial insecurity.

After earning his degree at Kansas State University, Nick switched from college jobs focused on service to a more direct career in finance. He has always had an interest in finance and uses his research skills to find the most effective products for the job. He also actively listens to his clients so that he can present options that make sense without leaving clients feeling talked down to.

Nick lives in Topeka with an amazing five-year-old Siberian Husky named Luna. In his spare time, he enjoys concerts, new technology, hiking and nature trails. He’s also volunteered as a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters for nine years, and always marvels at the growth and maturity of the littles he helps to mentor.

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