The CPR Retirement Rescue Roadmap

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By Nathaniel J. Miller

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The CPR Retirement Rescue Roadmap Your Guide to Breathing Life Into Any Portfolio

By Nathaniel J. Miller

You’ve planned for retirement for years. You’ve saved and invested, and you’re getting near the finish line. But what happens if markets get volatile as you approach and enter retirement?

The “CPR Retirement Rescue Roadmap” is a guide for retirees to navigate uncertain market conditions, much like what we’re experiencing today. Nate walks you through his proven approach for creating a more stable retirement and reducing volatility in your investments — no matter what markets are doing when you retire.

Nate draws upon his years of experience in the financial industry as well as personal stories to show you how to create confidence and certainty in your retirement strategy. You’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate that bad feeling in your gut regarding your retirement
  • Strategies you can use as you work toward financial independence
  • How to build a roadmap to keep you on the path toward a more confident future
  • And more!

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