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More Options Don’t Always Lead to More Money

 When it comes to managing finances, people have more choices than ever. Convenience may be at an all-time high — with financial vehicle options that fit a wide variety of needs — but this also means there are more choices that aren’t necessarily in the clients’ best interests. The growing number of options makes it…

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Stay Plugged in to New Tech Trends

Technology hasn’t just improved over time; it’s also matured its users. Today, the average child gets his or her first cellphone at age 10.1 In past generations, 10 was about the age when parents finally let their kids use those creepy crawly bug makers that required a heating device. These days, one of the biggest…

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FDR’s Influence in Challenging Times Still Resonates

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn into office in 1933, the United States was mired in the worst financial period of its history. FDR’s election came in the middle of The Great Depression, when unemployment reached 25 percent overall, and as high as 50 percent in some cities and industries. More than 9,000 banks…

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