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The Art of Intelligence Open to Interpretation

Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” People may have different views on that point. Would someone with an MBA from Harvard be considered more intelligent than a painter with an art degree?   Certainly, it’s an open discussion. Regardless of who attends college or what profession they…

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The Value of Optimism

 Anyone approaching the end of their working years can likely list more than a few occurrences in which they’ve experienced a stressful moment or handled a hectic ordeal.   Although retiring may end the need to put out fires in the workplace, stress built up over the years does take its toll and, for some,…

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Watching the Markets with Interest

 In March, the Federal Reserve decided to reign in its plan for raising rates this year, reducing the expected number of rate increases from four to two.   The Federal Open Market Committee came away from its most recent meeting projecting an interest rate hike of .50 percent, down from the original projection of 1…

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